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Brittany King

“With Graphic Design, you are creating from a blank canvas. Every option of color and shape are available to pull from nothing. With Photography, the canvas is already out there. It’s up to you to find it.”

My love of Design and Photography began when I was about 8 years old. My parents gave me a small Fugi film camera that hung on a necklace. I took pictures of everything, including a really vintage looking water fountain at a park. Upon developing the image, my mother informed me that water fountains were not something we should take pictures of. I was insistent, “But it looked cool, mom!” She smiled and just replied, “Okay”.

Graphic Design consumed my life before I realized it as a career path. While also feeding into my love of Photography, my mother was a scrapbook fanatic. We had a whole room devoted to the never-ending amount of paper, stamps, stickers, and embellishments my mother collected. I loved putting together my own pages and making the context of the images just as meaningful as they were. I trained in the concept of balancing content and context. And it reflects in my work.

Everything I do, I do with balance and attention to detail.

My husband, Travis, helps me maintain balance. He’s always asking me what I’m working on so he knows what the encourage me in. He’s been my biggest fan since the day I met him. God is my foundation and Travis is the rock upon it that I lean on.

I also have two cats that I love and aren’t completely evil creaturesbentoncoveringthehouseinhair.

In what little free time I have between photography, graphic design, writing novels, volunteer work, traveling, and working out, I like to play video games (primarily Guild Wars 2), watch YouTube, and catch up on the latest CW Arrowverse episodes.

I will take payments in Chipotle giftcards.